Puncak – Cianjur, is a natural tourist destination, with a location not far from Jakarta making this area a choice of investors to establish and open a business hotel, restaurant and other tourist attractions. Today more and more national and international hotel chains are opening up their hotel chains in the region. Along with that, the more open the opportunities of both local and foreign labor to work in this industry. This is a challenge for us as part of an industry that already has experience working in this industry both practitioners and academics, so that the source of local workforce can be absorbed more, can compete and succeed in career in hotel and tourism industry both inside and outside country. NUMYSEED ACADEMY Hotel & Cruise Ship Training Center was established to address the challenge.


To be the best hospitality academy that produces skilled and competent graduates, meets the industry needs and the community in global competition.


Implement appropriate education and training programs in accordance with hospitality industry needs.


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