The PKK (Program Kecakapan Kerja) program is an education and training service program that is oriented towards the development of work skills in accordance with industrial needs, given to students so that they have competence in certain skill areas as evidenced by a certificate of competence to work and be absorbed in the business world and industry.

The aim of this program is to educate and train students with vocational skills that are in line with the needs of the world of work, ensuring that PKK students take competency tests and that participants are absorbed in the world of work.

This program was launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, aimed at residents aged 15-30 years, dropping out of school, not having a job, studying Package C and poor people.

For this year Numyseed Academy held The PKK program for hospitality skills with 30 participants, 3 months of education from October to December 2020. In implementing this program Numyseed collaborated with PT. Millenium Muda Mandiri for work placement, hotel and restaurant industry for  internship program with Aston Pasteur Hotel, RM. Bumi Aki, The Union Group, Le Eminence Hotel and GH Universal Bandung.

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