NUMYSEED ACADEMY Hotel & Cruise Ship Training Center  is a hospitality and cruise ship profession education and training institutions with programs that emphasize skills mastery through laboratory practice, field studies and real work practices. The 12-months (one-year) training and education program lasts six months of studying and deepening English communication, improving achievement motivation and self-confidence, providing basic knowledge of hospitality and cruise ships according to the departments taken, 6 (six) months follow on the job training in star hotels abroad or in Indonesia for the formation of mental, discipline and work ethic with international standards. In addition to the program, for mental and discipline building, we provide Team Building (Out Bond) training to students. For debriefing into the world of work, we provide guidance on the preparation of CV, job application and job interview. At the end of the training period for students who have successfully completed the program, and are interested in a career in hotels or restaurants abroad (GCC / Middle East, Southeast Asia and Cruise Ships) we assist with their work placement.