Cipanas – Puncak, is a natural tourist destination, with a location not far from Jakarta making this area a choice of investors to establish and open a business hotel, restaurant and other tourist attractions. Today more and more national and international hotel chains are opening up their hotel chains in the region. Along with that, the more open the opportunities of both local and foreign labor to work in this industry. This is a challenge for us as part of an industry that already has experience working in this industry both practitioners and academics, so that the source of local workforce can be absorbed more, can compete and succeed in career in hospitality industry both inside and outside country. NUMYSEED ACADEMY was established to address the challenge.



To be the best hospitality academy that produces skilled, competent graduates can meet the needs of the hospitality  industry and the community in global competition.



Implement appropriate education and training programs in accordance with the needs of the hospitality industry.




NUMYSEED ACADEMY Hotel & Cruise Ship Training Center  is a Profession Education and Training Institution in Hospitality and Cruise Ship with a program that emphasizes skills acquisition through Laboratory Practice, Field Study and Real Work Practice. The 12-month (one-year) training and education program lasts six months of studying and deepening English communication, improving achievement motivation and self-confidence, providing basic knowledge of hospitality, tourism and cruise ships according to the departments taken, 6 (six) months follow on the job training in star hotels abroad or in Indonesia for the formation of mental, discipline and work ethic with international standards.

In addition to the program, for mental and discipline building, we provide Team Building (Out Bond) training to students. For debriefing into the world of work, we provide guidance on the preparation of CV, job application and job interview. At the end of the training period for students who have successfully completed the program, and are interested in a career in hotels or restaurants abroad (GCC / Middle East, Southeast Asia) and Cruise Ships we assist with their work placements.





  1. Food & Beverage Service
  2. Culinary
  3. Housekeeping
  4. Front Office



    1. Cruise Ship Training Program
    2. English Language Center





Consisting of experienced Lecturers and Instructors in their field and practitioners who have experience in star hotels domestically and abroad, overseas restaurants and cruises



NUMYSEED ACADEMY is established and managed by young professionals who have experience in the hospitality industry and tourism in the country and abroad both in terms of practitioners and academics so that the program is organized in accordance with industry needs with the aim that graduates can easily adapt to the industry in when they start working. Shorts lecture period. Overseas internship opportunities, coaching in curriculum vitae preparation, job application and job interview. The Academy assists job placements for graduates who are interested in career at overseas hotels / restaurants and cruises.

The cost of education is affordable. The campus location is in the tourist area, easily accessible by vehicle (private or public transport), 700 meters from the provincial road. Search us in google map.


Requirements and qualifications for prospective students:

  • Male / Female, age 17 – 26 years old
  • High school / SMK / MAN / D1 / D2 / D3 / Bachelor / Package-C    All majors
  • Height, Men at least 165 cm and Women at least 155 cm with proportional weight
  • Good appearance and nice personality
  • Healthy (Physical and Spiritual), not a drug user, does not have any disability, and does not have a tattoo on the whole body
  • Have a high interest in developing foreign language skills (English)
  • Have a high motivation for success
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Pay the registration fee at  Rp 200.000, –
  • Submit passport photo 4×6 size  = 2 sheets, full body photo 3R size = 1 sheet
  • Submit a copy of ID card and photocopy of the last diploma
  • Submit a copy of Family Registration Card



Registration and admission:

Come directly to NUMYSEED ACADEMY
Jl. Hanjawar Pacet No. 3 Beunying, Cipendawa – Pacet – Cianjur – West Java. Phone: 0263 295 2707

Mobile & WA : 0877 2000 1133

Office hour ( 09:00 – 16:00 wib, Monday to Saturday )

Or through email by filling out the registration form, attaching required documents and sending it to


Program starts from :

August to July                     ⇒ registration open from April

October to September    ⇒ registration open from August

January to December      ⇒ registration open from November

April to March                 ⇒ registration open from February





For online registration click here